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April 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

For a very long time, I was largely oblivious to the abysmal gender imbalance and the gender inequality in the philosophy profession. I have been mostly lucky not to be terribly affected by it (but in retrospect, it was there all along, of course), so it was only upon reading Sally Haslanger’s famous essay on women in philosophy and then following the Feminist Philosophers’ website that I got my ‘wake-up call’ and realized how bad things still are. Since then, my first initiative to improve the situation of women in philosophy was to create a list of women working in the areas I mostly work on (philosophy of logic and philosophical logic), which was meant to serve as a source of ideas of potential speakers for conference organizers looking for a better gender balance at their conferences.

Informally, I have been bringing up the subject of gender balance at conferences at each and every conference I’ve attended since (at the risk of becoming known as the annoying woman obsessed with gender balance at conferences!).

Since September last year, I’ve been a contributor at the NewAPPS blog, where many (though by no means all) of my posts are on feminist issues, ranging from gender imbalance at conferences and edited volumes to possible causes of imbalance also on the domestic front.

Informally, I have attempted to ‘mentor’ young women who somehow still seem to ‘doubt’ whether they really belong in philosophy (and in more techy areas such as logic in particular), students as well as young researchers who I meet at conferences. Given the widely acknowledged importance of positive role models, I hope that, as a no-longer-exactly-junior researcher, I can provide a modest example of how it is ‘possible’ after all to be a woman and a philosopher, in spite of the difficulties that we do encounter.


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