The journey of a thousand miles begins…

June 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

I think many of us who care about constructive solutions to What It’s Like hesitate to write in here because we’re busy groaning to ourselves, “I don’t do enough!” SO, I shall try to reverse that trend by offering my wee efforts. Maybe philosophers will see many small efforts as powerful in the aggregate!

This past year: — I offered myself to the new Mentoring program (and I know I’m not alone). — I have started doing more external reviewship of articles and books, so that a perspective both female and feminist is brought to bear on upcoming philosophical works. — I determinedly drew attention to gender issues in an article that it would’ve been easier to publish without doing so. — Silly as this last sounds, I occasionally weigh in on blogs like the Leiter Report, because I’m overly prone to shrink from the light, you know? And shrinking is not what women need from me in philosophy. — I agreed to take part in some organization of conferences which provide platforms for women’s work in philosophy.

Cool, this list turned out a little longer than I expected!  Kate Norlock

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