What UWO is doing: an unprecedented committee

August 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

From Samantha Brennan:

Our department has a longstanding committee that might be a good model for other places. It’s the Committee for Women’s Concerns. 

Look how concerned they are!

The Department of Philosophy Committee on Women’s Concerns (CWC = “quick”), formed in February 1989, is the University of Western Ontario’s first Departmental committee of this nature. Its basic purpose is to make sure that there is a non-sexist environment for all who work and study in our Department. To that end, CWC performs the following functions:

  • Makes sure that all in the Department–faculty, students, and staff–are aware of the University’s policies concerning women
  • Provides an easy point of contact for anyone encountering sexual harassment or other forms of sex-related disadvantage, and (where appropriate) puts them in touch with people who can do something about it
  • Arranges events and programs to educate the department about the needs and problems of women in the academic setting
  • Helps faculty members who wish to incorporate material relevant to women’s issues into their courses
  • Keeps in touch with many other groups working in these issues, in the University and outside, so that it will be able to supply up-to-date information
  • Acts as a liaison between the Department of Philosophy and the Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy

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