What Cal State-L.A. is doing

September 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

From Ann Garry:

Small things:
  • We try very hard to diversify our colloquium speakers.  Lately we have tried to invite at least one woman of color as a colloquium speaker each year (as well as white women and men of color — we don’t expect the woman of color to do “diversity double-duty”).
  • The similar informal process works for hiring graduate assistants  (in our MA program this is not a “living wage” job and recruiting tool as it is in PhD programs, so GAs tend to be chosen after they already done some coursework with us).   The current chair is making sure that we inspect our nomination pool for gender/ethnicity-race and add nominees if needed.
  • Our campus has “Safe Zone” training for faculty and staff so that lgbt students can feel more comfortable knowing that there are “designated” allies around campus.   People who go through the training (and only those people) are entitled to put a sticker on their office door.  One of my colleagues in Philosophy has been leading the training along with a psychologist from the counseling center.  Another one of our colleagues, herself a lesbian who had taken, even led, similar trainings elsewhere, agreed to attend our Safe Zone training as long as a straight person went as well.  She got takers!

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