What Renford Bambrough Did About What It’s Like

November 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

<a href=”http://www.newappsblog.com/2011/11/women-in-philosophy-science-and-engineering.html#more”>New Apps has a lovely post up:</a>

<blockquote>The point “there are tons of top scholars in this field who are women” reminded me of what Renford Bambrough once did, as editor of the journal Philosophy. There were then (as there are now) ‘tons of top scholars’ in philosophy who are women. He had some papers by women ready for publication in the next issue, and he saw that, with some other accepted papers, that had been scheduled for later publication, he could (by altering date of publication) publish an all-women issue. The point was to bring out that we don’t notice an all-men issue of a philosophy journal. Publishing an all-women issue brings to our attention our failure to notice that all the authors of papers in some issue of a journal are men, our taking that to be just normal and unexceptionable. He should be regarded as an honorary posthumous member of the GCC. (The issue was vol. 53, no. 204, in 1978.)</blockquote>




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