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Workshop on the Recruitment and Retention of Female Undergraduates in Philosophy, UNC – Chapel Hill, Department of Philosophy, April 25-26, 2014

The department of philosophy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will be hosting a workshop this April 25-26 on the recruitment and retention of female undergraduate philosophy majors. Among the speakers at the conference will be philosophers, psychologists, experts in gender studies and education, as well as graduate and undergraduate students who have been working hard in the past couple of years to make a difference for women at their home institutions as well as for women in the field more generally.

The two day workshop will address the impact of implicit bias, evaluation bias, and stereotype threats on departmental and classroom climates, and how to counteract them; the influence of female role-models in the recruitment and retention of female students in male-dominated fields; potential differences in male and female philosophical intuitions; and the importance of teaching classes about women, gender, and the body in philosophy departments and/or of including (more) women philosophers in syllabi of philosophy courses. We hope that this workshop will identify some much-needed best practices and will subsequently be helpful to philosophy departments across the country.

For more information about the workshop, please contact Mariska Leunissen (mleunissen AT unc.edu).

Speakers list: Ellen Feder (American University), JJ Lang & Olivia Branscum (UNC); Julie Huh & Sabina Bremmer (University of Chicago); Laurie McNeil (UNC); Yena Lee (Princeton University); Toni Adleberg (USCD) & Morgan Thompson (Pittsburgh University); Bonita London (SUNY Stony Brook); Cheshire Calhoun (Arizona State University); Bryce Huebner (Georgetown University); Yolonda Wilson (Howard University); and Silvia Tomášková (UNC).

The workshop is funded by the UNC Philosophy Department, the Institute for Arts and Humanities at UNC-Chapel Hill, and the College of Arts and Sciences at UNC-Chapel Hill.

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