This blog is a sister-blog to What is it Like to Be a Woman in Philosophy?.  (Both are initiatives of the Women in Philosophy Task Force.)  It’s devoted exclusively to discussions– anonymous or not– of what individuals and institutions are doing in response to problems for women in philosophy.  These problems may be ones raised on What is it Like, they may be the sort of thing the Gendered Conference Campaign is calling attention to, or they may be something else entirely.

This is not a place to raise concerns about whether there are any problems for women in philosophy at all.  There are plenty of other blogs that welcome such discussions, but we don’t.  This is a place for people who agree that there’s a problem to have productive discussions about what can be done.  The blog will, accordingly, be heavily moderated with this in mind.   Commenters should also observe the ‘BE NICE’ rule from Feminist Philosophers:

BE NICE. Engage arguments, but do not insult people you’re arguing with. When engaging with arguments, do so respectfully. Don’t attribute nasty motivations to people unless they really make it clear that they have those motivations. Try to be as charitable as possible. Abusive comments may be deleted, including but not limited to sexist and racist comments. Repeatedly abusive posters may be blocked. Why do we have this policy? Because we think it’s the best way to facilitate productive dialogue. We might be wrong. But it’s our blog and our policy.



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  • bridie says:

    thanks for making this blog and writing this stuff. im not a philosopher im in the sciences/tech area so can relate.
    anyway, thanks this is excellent.

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