(Q) Are all these stories/suggestions from Jender?

(A) No, Jender posts the stories/suggestions sent in– by lots of people.

(Q) Should all of the strategies discussed be taken as endorsed by Jender, The Women in Philosophy Task Force, or some other body?

(A) No.  What gets posted is what’s sent in.  The idea is that people can then look through these, think about them, discuss their merits, and make up their own minds.

(Q) Some of the posts contain bad words, like “asshole”.  Isn’t that abusive language?

(a) Not in the sense that matters for this blog.  We are concerned with avoiding abuse of people.  *X is an asshole* is abuse of X and would not be published.  But *Assholes are bad* is not abuse of anyone.  It’s a criticism of assholes, but that seems fair enough to us.  We also distinguish between use and mention, so a quoted abusive comment may sometimes be allowed. We only change the words in posts if we judge it to be absolutely necessary, so if posters use expletives that are not abusive in the way noted above, those expletives stay in.

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